November 22, 2003



Dear Homeowner:


            Greetings from the Board! Below are the news and announcements that we would like to share with you:



NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING – Wednesday, December 3, 2003


Article 3.1 of the Jamestowne Bylaws establishes that the Annual Meeting of the members of the Association shall be held on the first Wednesday of December each year.  The Bylaws further stipulate that the Officers of the Association must be elected at each annual meeting.[1] 




Walking Trail


Due to hurricane Isabel, the walking trail between Powhatan Court and Pocahontas Court is still temporarily closed, as it is currently impassable and, therefore, is unsafe.  There are numerous fallen trees, weak limbs and hanging branches.  The HOA has contracted with a tree removal company to clean up and re-mulch the walking trail and assess the condition of the remaining trees.  The target date for the work to begin is around the week of Thanksgiving.  The Board will notify residents when the work has been completed. For your safety and the safety of your children, please remain off the trail until the clean-up has been completed. 


Jamestowne Monuments


            John Sites will be constructing a third monument at the Rt. 301/Oriole Lane entrance, with “Jamestowne” engraved in sandstone. This monument will be lighted.  The Board is currently in negotiations with Mr. Sites to also replace the “Jamestowne” signs in sandstone at the other two monuments located at the Quailwood/Oriole Lane and the Magnolia Drive entrances so that our development will have a uniformed appearance.  The mounted green and gold “Jamestowne” sign has been stolen on two different occasions from the Quailwood/Oriole Lane entrance.  The sandstone is an attractive and affordable solution to this problem. The Board is also exploring the feasibility of adding lighting to these monuments as well.  


Neighborhood Watch / Safety Issues


            The Board invited Chief Cassin Giddings, Chief of the La Plata Police Department, and Mayor William Eckman to a couple of our Board meetings to discuss safety issues.  The Board is gravely concerned about the speeding problem in our neighborhood because Jamestowne is susceptible to a high volume of flow-through traffic and our neighborhood is heavily populated with children.  In addition, some of our residents have had their property vandalized, vehicles broken into and personal possessions stolen.  This is unacceptable.  If we fail as a community to aggressively address these issues now, the crimes will only escalate.




In completing the HOA Contact Sheet for the Board, a few residents have already expressed interest in serving on the Neighborhood Watch/Safety Committee. However, we need a Chairperson for this committee.  If you are interested in serving in that capacity, please contact Symone Walker at (301) 392-5216.  If you are interested in just serving on this committee, please indicate that when you complete the HOA Contact Sheet. 


Enforcement of Covenants


The Board is very appreciative of the efforts of those residents who have voluntarily complied with the Covenants since we published a reminder in the October newsletter.  As a reminder to those who have not yet complied and for the benefit of new homeowners, please be reminded of the following:






1.                  Project Applications – A project application must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for review by mailing it to the HOA address.  Applications must first be APPROVED by the ARC before you can begin any exterior design project. The ARC only reviews applications on the third Thursday of each month. Homeowners are responsible for obtaining building permits from the County and/or Town as required by law.  The ARC review process is for design only and approval from the ARC does not mean that the County and/or Town will issue the necessary permits.  You can download a project application from the web site. The following residents are members of the ARC:


·        John Fitch – 100 Godspeed Court, 301-392-0027

·        Tim Bodamer – 16 Pocahontas Court, 301-934-0449

·        Mike Ferriter – 24 Pocahontas Court, 301-934-4222


2.                  Walk-through Inspections – The ARC and the Board are currently conducting walk-through inspections of all properties to ensure compliance with the covenants and approved projects.









Contact Information


It is imperative that each homeowner provide the Board with their home telephone number and/or email address (preferably both).  The Board is requesting this information in order to efficiently and expeditiously communicate with you regarding meetings, emergencies, or specific issues. We are currently working on establishing an automated phone tree.  This information will not be shared with other homeowners without your permission. Please complete the attached HOA Contact form and mail it to the HOA as soon as possible. Alternatively, you may drop the form in the mailbox of Symone Walker, at 113 Powhatan Court.  


Jamestowne Web Site


            Our web site is now up and running!  However, it is a work in progress as we are still adding to it and working out the glitches.  You may now download the project application and HOA Contact Sheet.  In addition, the Board Members’ Biographies, previous newsletters, links to the Town of La Plata’s web site and a listing of area post offices are available on the web site.  Please note that we are having technical difficulties with our domain-based email addresses that are linked to the web site. We hope to have this resolved soon.  Until that problem is resolved, feel free to email us at our personal email addresses listed on the front of this newsletter.  In the future, you will be able to email the Board via the web site and update your contact information online.


Stay tuned for future HOA news from the Board!



1. Explanation of the HOA 2004 Election Process

2. HOA 2004 Election Ballot

3. Self-addressed envelopes for ballots

4. HOA Contact Information Form


[1] Please note that Somerset delayed the first Annual Meeting, which was held on March 26, 2003.  According to the Bylaws, the Annual Meeting should have been held on December 4, 2002.  The meeting that Somerset held on August 26, 2003 was a “Special Meeting,” which the Board of Directors may elect to hold at any time.